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Chairplus(带座椅的手杖,Seat Cane)

Chairplus 非常适合活跃的老年人,他们在追求户外兴趣的同时需要短暂休息。

它可能是世界上第一个具有自立能力的座杖。主要创新是能够在站立和坐姿时优雅地发挥作用。配有圆形枢轴头的 Mini Quad Base 灵感来自我们成功的 CarbonQuad 可互换底座设计系列Chairplus系列 .

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Carbon Fibre Main Frame

1. The carbon fibre main frame is paired with side tubing constructed from high-strength aluminium alloy. This combination ensures durability and significantly reduces the device's overall weight. The lightweight design enhances handling, making it ideal for frail elderly individuals who require ease of mobility without compromising strength.

Height Adjustable

2. 5 adjustable steps for users range from 1.58m to 1.78m. [5.2ft to 5.8ft]

Interchangeable Quad Base

4. The interchangeable base enables users to replace the Mini Quad Base with the Small Quad Base to suit their condition.

The round pivot tip ensures stability in both the up-right standing position and the pivoted seating position.

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Wrist Cord

3. Designed to ensure that the walking stick will not obstruct the user when breaking a fall. Upon sudden excessive force being applied to the wrist cord, it will automatically be detached, thus reducing the chance of the walking stick obstructing the user.

The lace buckle on the wrist cord allows for customisation to the wrist size.

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5. The maximum load of the Anti-Slip folding seat is 120kg.

Open(Unfolding)- Use one hand to support the handle and the other to lift the seat slightly from the main tubing and press the seat down.

Close(Folding)- Use one hand to support the handle and the other to lift the seat slightly and tuck it in towards the main tubing.


3 to 4 (Balance & Gait: Low Risk of Falls)

(Reference: Clinical Frailty Scale, 2005-2020 Rockwood Version 2.0)


3 [Managing Well]: People with well-controlled medical problems, even if occasionally symptomatic, are often not regularly active beyond routine walking.


4 [Living with very mild frailty]: Previously “vulnerable”, this category marks an early transition from complete independence. While not dependent on others for daily help, symptoms often limit activities. A common complaint is being “slowed up” and tired during the day.


Height Adjustable (User 1.58m to 1.78m) [5.2ft to 5.8ft]

Interchangeable Self-Standing Mini and Small Quad
Base with round pivot tip

Anti-Slip Folding Seat with 120kg Max User sitting load.


Carbon Fibre main frame with Aluminium side tubing.

Safety Detachable Wrist Cord with Lace Buckle

Interchangeable Base Design


Carbon Fibre Seat cane,

Mini Quad Base,

Small Quad Base,

Detachable Wrist Cord with Lace

Locking Screw,

Allen Key,

User Guide,


(If Applicable):

USB Charging Cable,

SD Card


1.  Height adjusts: 81cm - 91cm [32" - 36"]
2.  Box dimensions:  82 x 28 x 10 cm [32” x 11” x 4”]
3.  Box weight:  1450g [3.2 lbs]
4.  Product weight:  1000g [2. 2lbs]

(If Applicable):
5. Build-in Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery: 3.7v 550mAh (Power source output: 5v 1.0A)
6. LED Torchlight can last up to 10 hours on full charge. Brightness: 15 Lumen

7. FM Digital Radio: 88MHz to 108MHz

User Guide For Chairplus
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