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Select The Right Walking Stick



Agegracefully has six models namely: Stickplus, Foldplus, Chairplus (seat cane), CarbonBond (smart umbrella), Small CarbonQuad and Medium CarbonQuad. They are also complemented with three different choice of handles such as ergonomic, essential (which comes with a touch-light and manual alarm), and MP3 music player and built-in radio (which also comes with a touch-light and an auto fall alarm).

Choice of Handle

For instance, the CarbonBond cleverly disguises as an umbrella. This model tackles a common resistance amongst seniors who are stigmatized when using a walking stick. The walking stick is attached seamlessly to the umbrella. It can be detached and used separately while using the umbrella at the same time. Also, with this model, the user can download let’s say nursery rhymes to encourage interaction with his or her grandchildren, or even download their favorite songs so he or she can enjoy them with his or her buddies in a park. Yes, this is totally reminiscent of the spy gadgetry employed in James Bond movies.


Then there is the compact Foldplus, which is ideal for active seniors who need their occasional support while pursuing their outdoor interest. The tubing in this cane is carbon-fibre making it strong and lightweight (the other canes are made of aluminium alloy). It is the first foldable cane in the world with an interchangeable base design with the capability of switching it into a more stable quad base when required. Constructed with a folding slider joint for extra strength to ensure the integrity of its sectional structure. The elastic cord design also enables an easy auto lock-in when released.


All these bells and whistles are completely intentional. The auto fall alarm feature is activated when a user falls, attracting attention. When experiencing a fall, the user could be suffering from a state of shock and may have difficulty projecting his or her voice. This alarm will help to project his or her voice better and get help from a passerby.


Also, the bases of the walking sticks are interchangeable; the base comes in different sizes and addresses the user’s different needs. For example, if your physiotherapist tells you that you need a walking stick with a bigger base to provide steadier support because of a hip injury, you can simply replace the base with a larger one without having to get a new walking stick. A few months down the road, when you have recovered from your injury, you can change the base of your walking stick back to a smaller one.


However as these canes have evolved so has the stigma of having one. In the early days it was stylish walking around with a cane but, sadly today, walking around with one may carry an unwanted stigma for the user. Many seniors don’t want to be perceived to be “incapable” when seen using a cane, and this may result in them being marginalized. To overcome this, he suggests that family members should consult their family doctor and get him or her to convince their loved ones on the benefits of having a cane.

Once convinced, the user can then choose the right one for him or her. For users who are already using a walking aid, they can choose a model that is similar to the existing device to start with. We can also consult with the users about their preferences. For a user who is discharged from the hospital and needs a walking aid to improve his or her transitional experience, he or she can consider our CarbonQuad as it comes with a quad base and an anti-slip self-standing tip. They can interchange the base according to the condition accordingly.
Medium CarbonQuad

For user who has never used a walking aid and is afraid of the stigma of using one, our CarbonBond is the preferred option as it is common to be carrying an umbrella in Singapore. For user who is planning to travel can consider our Foldplus (fold cane) and Chairplus.


Choosing the model of a walking stick.  It depends on the elderly status:

Medium CarbonQuad: If the elderly are just recovering and learning to walk

Small CarbonQuad: If the elderly are looking for a Medium Quad alternative and may need to climb the staircase

Chair Walking Sticks:  If the elderly just need to rest at interval

Folding Walking Sticks:  If the elderly need an extra unit for traveling and prefer it to be compact

CarbonBond & Bond (Umbrella Walking Sticks):  If the elderly prefer to use an umbrella as a walking stick and need a support

Standard Walking Sticks:  If the elderly have not been using a walking stick and need a support