Small CarbonQuad


"Easy Access To All Staircases"

The AgeGracefully Small CarbonQuad, offering easy access to all staircases, is an innovative walking aid for patients with hip or leg injuries. This quad cane features an interchangeable base system, allowing users to easily switch between different quad bases or tips to accommodate their recovery stages. The Small Quad Base is centrally aligned for ambidextrous use, enhancing flexibility and convenience. Its low-profile design minimises the risk of tripping, while the compact base size ensures it can navigate all stairs effortlessly.

As users recover, they can transition to the Anti-Slip self-standing tip, which offers superior traction on flat surfaces and a pivoting joint that supports a natural walking motion, reducing elbow stress. For those needing increased support due to a deterioration in their condition, a larger quad base is available separately, ensuring the cane adapts to varying mobility needs without requiring a new device.

Small CarbonQuad

Carbon Fiber

1. Carbon fibre makes exceptionally light and robust tubing, reducing weight and enabling better handling, especially for frail older adults.


2. 10 adjustable steps for users range from 1.4m to 1.8m. [5.6ft to 5.9ft].

Wrist Cord with Lace Buckle

3. Designed to ensure that the walking stick will not obstruct the user when breaking a fall. Upon sudden excessive force being applied to the wrist cord, it will automatically be detached, thus reducing the chance of the walking stick obstructing the user.

The lace buckle on the wrist cord allows for customisation to the wrist size.

Interchangeable Base Design

4. Patients suffering from hip or leg injuries typically use a quad cane to support them. They will need a walking stick with a smaller tip as they journey through their recovery process. The interchangeable base enables the user to replace the quad base/tip instead of purchasing a new walking aid to suit their condition.

Small Quad Base

5. The Small Quad Base is centrally aligned to enable flexibility in changing hands. The low-profile design eliminates accidental tripping, and the small surface area ensures accessibility to all stairs.

Anti-Slip Self Standing Tip

6. The Anti-Slip Self-Standing tip provides excellent traction on flat surfaces. The soft pivoting joint encourages natural walking motion and reduces stress on the elbow.


4 to 5 (Balance & Gait: Moderate Risk of Falls)


(Reference: Clinical Frailty Scale, 2005-2020 Rockwood Version 2.0)


4 [Living with very mild frailty]: Previously “vulnerable”, this category marks an early transition from complete independence. While not dependent on others for daily help, symptoms often limit activities. A common complaint is being “slowed up” and tired during the day.


5 [Living with mild frailty]: People with mild frailty often show more evident slowing and need help with high-order instrumental activities of daily living (finances, transportation, heavy housework). Mild frailty typically impairs shopping, walking outside alone, meal preparation, medications, and light housework.


Small Quad Base

Height Adjustable (User 1.4m to 1.8m) [4.5ft to 6ft]


Carbon Fibre Tubing

Safety Detachable Wrist Cord with Lace Buckle

Interchangeable Base Design

Anti-Slip Self-Standing Tip


Carbon Fibre Walking Stick,

Small Quad Base,

Anti-Slip Self-Standing Tip,

Detachable Wrist Cord with Lace Buckle,

Locking Screw,

Allen Key,

User Guide,


(If Applicable)

USB Charging Cable,

SD Card


1.  Height adjusts:  67cm - 89cm [26" - 35"]
2. Small Quad Base:  15.5 x 11 cm [6” – 4”]
3.  Tip Internal Diameter:  19mm [7.5”]
4.  Box dimensions:  57 x 16 x 8 cm [22” x 6” x 3”]
5.  Box weight:  930g [2 lbs]
6.  Product weight (with self-standing tip/ small quad base):  340/ 400g [0.8 lbs/ 0.9lbs]

(If Applicable):
7. Build-in Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery: 3.7v 550mAh (Power source output: 5v 1.0A)
8. LED Torchlight can last up to 10 hours on full charge. Brightness: 15 Lumen
9. FM Digital Radio: 88MHz to 108MHz

User Guide For CarbonQuad
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Assembling CarbonQuad

"The delivery was super fast! Is a next day delivery and in good condition. I saw it in the CNA program so decided to let my mum try. She loves it, the stick is stable and easy to use. Will consider to purchase another version.Highly recommended."