"Confident In Style"

The CarbonBond, confident in style, ingeniously functions as an umbrella and a walking stick to reduce the stigma associated with mobility aids among older adults. The umbrella features UV-protected honeycomb fabric that repels rain and is constructed with double springs for easy handling and robust wind resistance. Its large canopy comfortably covers two people, making it ideal for shared use.

The detachable carbon fibre walking stick offers dual functionality, allowing for independent use, while the umbrella provides weather protection. Known as "Bond," this device also enhances social connections by enabling older adults to play their favourite tunes or nursery rhymes for interactions with friends and grandchildren. Combining practicality with a design reminiscent of James Bond’s gadgetry, the CarbonBond epitomises both sophistication and utility.


"Confident in Style"


Carbon Fiber

1. Carbon fibre makes exceptionally light and robust tubing, reducing weight and enabling better handling, specially for frail older adults.


2. The walking stick is seamlessly attached to the umbrella, allowing dual functionality. The stick can be detached and used separately, providing support while the umbrella offers protection from the elements.

Rain and Wind

3. The umbrella is crafted with a honeycomb structured fabric that is UV-protected and rain-repellent. Its double spring construction ensures ease of handling and the ability to withstand strong winds.
Additionally, the large canopy provides ample coverage for two people.

Wrist Cord with Lace Buckle

4. Designed to ensure that the walking stick will not obstruct the user when breaking fall. Upon sudden excessive force applied to the wrist cord, it will automatically be detached and thus reducing the chance of having the walking stick obstructing the user.
The lace buckle on the wrist cord allows for customisation to the wrist size.

Anti-slip Self Standing Tip

5. The Anti-Slip Self-Standing tip provides excellent traction on flat surfaces. The soft pivoting joint encourages natural walking motion and reduces stress on the elbow.


3 to 4 (Balance & Gait: Low Risk of Falls)

(Reference: Clinical Frailty Scale, 2005-2020 Rockwood Version 2.0)


3 [Managing Well]: People with well-controlled medical problems, even if occasionally symptomatic, are often not regularly active beyond routine walking.


4 [Living with very mild frailty]: Previously “vulnerable”, this category marks an early transition from complete independence. While not dependent on others for daily help, symptoms often limit activities. A common complaint is being “slowed up” and tired during the day.


Umbrella with build-in Walking Stick

Fix height (User 1.6m to 1.7m) [5.2ft to 5.5ft]

Honeycomb Structure UV Fabric

A large canopy (Umbrella) sufficiently covers two people.


Carbon Fibre Tubing

Safety Detachable Wrist Cord with Lace Buckle

Anti-Slip Self-Standing


Carbon Fibre Walking Stick

Carbon Fibre Umbrella,

Anti-Slip Self-Standing Tip,

Detachable Wrist Cord with Lace Buckle,

User Guide,


(If Applicable):

USB Charging Cable,

SD Card


1. Height: 83cm [32.5”]

2. Self-Standing Tip Size: 8cm x 8cm, ID: 14mm [0.5”]

3. Umbrella Size: 102cm (for two people) [40”]

4. Box Size: 84.5cm x 16cm x 8cm [33” x 16” x 3”]

5. Product Weight (with self-standing tip): 620g [1.4lb]

6. Build-in Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery: 3.7v 550mAh (Power source output: 5v 1.0A)


(If Applicable)

7. LED Torchlight can last up to 10 hours on full charge. Brightness: 15 Lumen

8. FM Digital Radio: 88MHz to 108MHz

User Guide For CarbonBond
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Retriving Umbrella

"Interesting piece of equipment,reliable light and alarm function. I have accidentally dropped the umbrella a few times but it is working fine still."