"Unleash your Potential"

Foldplus is ideal for active elderly who needed occasional support while pursuing their outdoor interest. Its compact design unleashes the user's potential of discovering new places and meeting new friends.
It is the first folding cane in the world with an interchangeable base design with the capability of switching it into a more stable quad base when required.
Constructed with a folding slider joint for extra strength to ensure the integrity of its sectional structure.  The elastic cord design enables easy auto lock-in when released.



1. Carbon Fiber frame is extremely light and strong.


2. 5 adjustable steps suitable for users range from 1.56m to 1.76m.


3. Constructed with a precision slider joint for extra strength and maintaining its structural integrity. The elastic cord design enables easy auto lock-in when released.

Wrist Cord

4. Designed to ensure that the walking stick will not obstruct the user when breaking fall. Upon sudden excessive force applied to the wrist cord, it will automatically be detached and thus reducing the chance of having the walking stick obstructing the user.


5. Lace buckle on the wrist cord allow the user to bundle the folded tubing in a compact manner.


7. Usually, only about 10% of the body weight is subject to a walking stick. A patient who suffers from hip or leg injury will usually use a quad cane to transfer about 30% of their body weight on the walking aid.

The bottom tubing of Foldplus is embedded with a positioning groove and screw thread to enable flexibility in switching to a more stable interchangeable quad.

The package comes complete with a single tip and an Anti-slip Self-stand tip. In addition, users can purchase a Medium or Small Quad Base separately.


Carbon Fiber frame

Height Adjustable (User 1.56m to 1.76m) [5.1ft to 5.8ft]

Foldable Compact Design

Precision Slider Joint

Safety Detachable Wrist Cord with Lace Buckle

Anti-Slip Self-Standing Tip

Single Tip


Folding Walking Stick

Detachable Wrist Cord

Charging Cable

Additional Single Tip (19mm) [7.5”]

Compact Travel Bag

User Guide


1. Height: 80cm – 90cm [31.5” – 35.5”]

2. Self-Standing Tip Size: 8cm x 8cm, ID: 19mm [7.5”]

3. Folded Size (Height): 315mm [12.5”]

4. Box Size: 36cm x 18cm x 7cm [14” x 7” x 3”]

5. Box Weight: 700g [1.5 lbs]

6. Product Weight: 350g [1 lbs]

User Guide For Foldplus
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