Walking Stick Small Quad Base - for CarbonQuad

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Interchangeable Base: Patient who suffers from hip or leg injury will normally start using a medium quad to support them. As they journey through their recovery process, they will need a walking stick of a smaller base. Conversely, elderly who started using a walking aid with a small base may experience weaker limbs as they age and thus needed a bigger base for extra support. The interchangeable design enables the user to select the base according to their needs.


   Small Quad Base: Centrally aligned to enable flexibility in changing hands. Low profile design to eliminate accidental tripping and accessibility to all types of stairs.

   Medium Quad Base: The profile has intentionally been lowered to eliminate the risk of accidental tripping which is a common challenge among the elderly who occasionally used a wrong hand on the quad based that is off-set to the sides.

    Anti-Slip Self-Standing Tip: The Anti-Slip design provides excellent traction on its contact to flat surfaces and a soft pivoting joint to encourage natural walking motions.


Box Contains

Small CarbonQuad Base
Locking Screw
Allen Key


Small CarbonQuad Base: 15.5cm x 11cm
Tip insert:  19mm with positioning guide
Box dimensions:  17 x 11.5 x 7 cm
Box weight:  262g
Product weight:  186g

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