About Us

About agegracefullyshop

agegracefullyshop is the marketing arm and product brand of Bekind Solutions.


About bekindsolutions

Bekind Solutions aims to develop, curate and market innovative products to empower the elderly.

Founded in March 2017, Bekind Solutions is a young start-up with a calling to develop, curate and market affordable innovative product for the elderly. Their Smart Walking Stick collection has gained traction in the market place and can be found at reputable hospital retail outlets in Singapore.

Bekind Solutions is an active corporate participant in the local community events such as: Health Tech Day 2018, Punggol CC Community Fiesta 2018, A Good Day Out 2018, Chinese New Year Roadshow at Juronghealth, Global Conference on Integrated Care 2018, Healthy Ageing in the Community, Christmas Roadshow at Ng Teng Fong Hospital and National Occupational Therapy Conference 2017.


Company mission, vision and value:

Bekind Solutions envision to develop, curate and market innovative products to empower the elderly.


Existing product line:

A collections of Smart Walking Stick developed for elderly who needs walking aid.


Upcoming product line:

Ergo-Dynamic Cushions specially developed for wheel chair user.


Bio of bekindsolutions Founder

In his pursuit of a purpose driven life, Tuan set up Bekind Solutions to bring affordable elderly care products to the pioneer generations. He had experience working with people and cultures from more than 40 over countries. Given his vast exposure, he wants to harness his global experience and integrate his Design, Engineering and Marketing know-how to develop innovative products to improve the quality of life for the elderly.