MP3 Handle


1. The build-in Torchlight illuminates the passageway with adjustable viewing angles. The lights improve visibility for the user who needs to go to the restroom from their bed.

Red Flashing Lights

2. Red Flashing Lights It enables the user to be visible to other road users (car and scooters), making walking in the evening safer.


3. The user can enjoy their favourite tunes via the MP3 Player and stay engaged with news via their preferred radio stations. Music Therapy is effective in reducing the rate of dementia deterioration.

Auto-Fall Alarm

4. The Auto fall-Alarm can be triggered when it falls and attracts attention in an emergency. 

When experiencing a fall, the user could be suffering from a shock stage and may have difficulty projecting their voice. This alarm will help to project their voice better and get help from a passerby.

Lithium-Ion Battery

5. Build-in Lithium-Ion Battery allow easy charging with USB charging cables. Charging Time of 2 hours enables about 10 hours of lights operations


-Angle adjustable Torchlight
-Safety Red Flashing Lights
-Auto Fall-Alarm
-MP3 Player with SD Card
-FM Digital Radio
-Build-in Lithium-Ion Battery