Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what past customers have had to say about agegracefullyshop Smart Walking Stick

Mr & Mrs Chee, shared both their experience in using Agegracefully Smart Walking Sticks!

Mdm Khoo testimony on CarbonBond; Smart Umbrella Walking Sticks (as featured on CNA Documentary):



"Excellent for my brother's usage. The AgeGracefully Carbon Fiber Quad is for my handicapped brother. He is paralyzed on his right body, and this cane really helps him a lot to move around on his own. He loves it and has been using it!"

"Purchased for Mom who's embarrassed to use a walking stick. It is somewhat disguised with a functional umbrella. In addition, it is equipped with torch/hazard light, and alarm."

Testimony by Syed R
"Interesting piece of equipment, reliable light and alarm function. I have accidentally dropped the umbrella a few times but it is working fine still."
Testimony by Zoids C


"SUPPORTing local startups.  I promised I will share if its good.
I saw this ad just after my Dad had a fall.
Of course he insisted that he don't want a '"tongkat"!  But I told him, its not a "tongkat" lah, its an UMBRELLA!
He's loving this umbrella and had brought it out fr a walk in the park."

Testimony by Janice


"Bought umbrella stick for my father-in-law back in the Phillippines.  He had a suffered a stroke and had to use a makeshift support/stick when he started to walk again, but this was abit hard for him and his posture.  However, with the umbrella stick, he feels more comfortable because the length just fit him well and with the added rubber stand/tip makes it easier fo him to move around and even when using the staircase.  The added umbrella, alarm, light, and radio are also a plus overall."

Testimony by Torrer


Pic of Torrer's Dad


"Grandma showing off her new 'tongkat'.  Very well thought walking stick that come with the umbrella which both can be used at the same time too.  Thanks for sharing this product!!"


Testimony of Toh Hai


"I bought 3 umbrella walking sticks, 1 SMART Chair walking stick and ! foldable walking stick.  These are for the old folks in the family.  I am really impressed with how well made they are.  The features are well thought out.  My parents have been avoiding using walking sticks as they feel they are still young.  When I demo it to them, they were impressed with the design and when I showed them the LED lights which is not just static, you can change the lights to blink at just press of a button.  You can even adjust the angle of the light to tilt!  Great for walking at night!  They got really excited when I turned on the music button.  The very thoughtful company preloaded with lovely oldies music.  Volume can be adjusted too, how cool is that! Like carrying your personal boombox around, only it's nano size.  With such uber cool aids one can really age gracefully in style!  I hope they come up with 2.0 that has GPS function."


Testimony of Lim


"Finally collected the long awaited walking stick which I've ordered for my mom fr!  Highly recommend this walking stick/umbrella which comes with adjusted torch light, blinking red light, mp3 for fave songs, radio, safety fall alarm plus a hidden walking stick when umbrella is in use!  Comes with charger and mp3.  Very impressed with the product and of course the service provided by Mr Tuan fr Agegracefully!"


Testi,omy of Alanis