Fast Help

The main benefit of having a personal alarm is that you’re able to get help quickly and efficiently. Some emergencies are out of our control, such as heart disease, myocardial infarction and stroke, etc. There are many regrets even when children, nanny or caregiver may just in next room when it happens. They can not hear it especially during night when they are sleeping soundly. Once they have this calling set, the elderly can receive timely and effective help in case of emergencies by pressing the alarm button. Within a few short minutes help will be on its way. Compare this to a situation where an elderly person has suffered a fall and doesn’t have an alarm. If they’re unable to get back to their feet or move, they may not be able to reach their telephone to call for help. If they live alone, there might be nobody around to help them for a long period of time. This allows for the alarm user to get help throughout the day and night. When help is required, the walking stick alarm sounds via the fall of the user so that a caregiver is alerted. Charge the walking stick then turn on the monitor and you are good to go.


Remaining independent at home

As we get older, it becomes much more likely that we’ll suffer from issues like falls, trips, and accidents. On top of this, issues with memory, an increasingly complex schedule of medication and other factors can all contribute to a more complicated life for today’s elderly individual. Alongside the speed of the personal alarm, another benefit is being able to remain independent and living in your own home. Many people see the personal alarm system as an alternative to having to move into a care home or other accommodation schemes. Instead of moving out, you can remain living where you feel most comfortable. With most providers, a personal alarm offers 24/7 protection in your own home, but with minimal intrusion into your life.  With a personal alarm you will be able to continue living at home like nothing has really changed, surrounded by your memories and family. Often, a home assistant for the elderly is essential to senior individuals who want the opportunity to continue aging in place as they get older, rather than moving into an assisted care facility. Ultimately, a home assistant for the elderly will give today’s elderly and vulnerable people more opportunities to take back control over their own lifestyles. With the right alarm system in place, your senior relative will always have a safety net that they can rely on if anything goes wrong with their health or safety.

You can save money

Personal alarms are affordable, especially when you compare them to the cost of homecare visits or moving into a care home. They are a valuable addition to the support someone might need. An alarm system not only has to be reliable, it should also should be easy to use. At Agegracefully we have thought about this very well. Our alarm is therefore simple, reliable and above all affordable.

peace of mind

Provides peace of mind for everybody involved

It’s common for family members to recommend a personal alarm to their elderly loved ones. They do so because they’re worried about their parent’s or grandparent’s well-being when they’re not around to help them immediately. The main concern is that their loved one could suffer a fall whilst nobody else is at their home to help them back to their feet. A personal alarm takes these concerns away. The alarm users themselves will also receive a confidence boost and feel much safer in their home. The knowledge that help is on hand, if ever needed, allows them to forget about any concerns they had prior to having an alarm. By having a reliable personal alarm system seniors can make sure that they’re always ready to ask for assistance when they need it. These systems can protect the loved ones in your life, and give you more peace of mind too.

Personal alarms helps Hospitals

A common problem for hospitals is that they don’t have enough beds available for incoming patients. This is due to patients who are ready to leave being unable to do so as they don’t have any organized care or support in place – either from careers or family members. By providing an early warning system should someone fall or become ill ,could reduce the likelihood of a hospital admission; it might also enable the family or others to be able to monitor someone’s health more closely and again, prevent or reduce the chances of admission to hospital. The most common reason for an elderly individual to need the support of a personal alarm system is to ensure that they can access support when they suffer from a fall or sudden injury. Falls are some of the biggest causes of injury among older people, and they can have a dangerous impact on a senior’s mental health too. A fall can make someone feel vulnerable and isolated, particularly if they’re left stranded for hours before help arrives.


The alarm can be deactivated for easy storage. It is easier to present as a gift and keep around if not in use.

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