Agegracefully was founded in 2017 as a social enterprise to develop and market innovative eldercare lifestyle products that enable the elderly to live safely and age gracefully.

We offer a range of award-winning Smart Walking Sticks that look great and have many innovative safety features. They come with LED lights, auto fall alarms, radio and MP3 player, Carbon Fiber, Built-in chair, built-in umbrella and interchangeable quad base. Our wide collection provides a range of features and price points for our customers to choose from.

We have won prestigious local and international awards such as Eldercare Innovation Award 2018, Singapore Good Design Award 2019, German Design Award 2020, and Spirit of Enterprise Award 2021. We have been featured on Channel News Asia (CNA) Documentary on how we had empowered life of the elderly with dementia. Singapore Discovery Centre is featuring us as part of their permanent exhibit in Tec-Empowered Transformational enterprise.

Agegracefully products are available in most of the hospital and rehab stores in Singapore, as well as on major online marketplace. To-date, more than 14,000 elderly have benefited from our Smart Walking Sticks. We have also exported overseas with distribution in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan.

As the population continues to age, there is a growing demand for innovative design in eldercare lifestyle products. This puts us in a good position to achieve our goal of being financially successful while helping the elderly age gracefully.