At Agegracefully, a branch of Bekind Solutions, we are dedicated to fostering care within the community through our meticulously designed eldercare products. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for the elderly, allowing them to live securely and age with dignity. We specialize in creating innovative eldercare lifestyle items, including our line of acclaimed Smart Walking Sticks, renowned for their stylish design and cutting-edge safety features.

Our contributions to enhancing the lives of seniors, particularly those with dementia, have been recognized in a Channel News Asia (CNA) documentary. Additionally, the Singapore Discovery Centre has included Agegracefully in its permanent exhibit, showcasing our role in the Tec-Empowered Transformational enterprise.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the numerous accolades we've received, both locally and internationally, such as

Eldercare Innovation Award in 2018
The Singapore Good Design Award in 2019
The German Design Award in 2020
The Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2021
The Brand for Good Award in 2023
Ageing Asia Startup of the Year Award in 2023.

Agegracefully's products are widely available across hospital and rehab stores in Singapore and major online marketplaces. We are also featured in the Agency of Integrated Care Senior Mobility Fund (AIC SMF), offering up to 90% subsidies for eligible seniors. Moreover, our reach extends internationally, with distribution channels in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Japan.