About Founder

"Just as a business needed spirit, an idea needed action too."
Tuan, Founder CEO, Agegracefully

About Tuan

In his pursuit of a purpose-driven life, Tuan set up Agegracefully in 2017 to develop and market innovative eldercare lifestyle products that enable the elderly to live safely and age gracefully.

Since then, the company’s Smart Walking Sticks that Tuan have won prestigious local and international awards such as Eldercare Innovation Award 2018, Singapore Good Design Award 2019, German Design Award 2020 and Spirit of Enterprise Award 2021. Today, Agegracefully offers a range of award-winning Smart Walking Sticks that look great and have many innovative safety features. They come with LED lights, auto fall alarms, radio, MP3 Player, Carbon Fiber, built-in umbrella, built-in chair and interchangeable quad base.

Tuan is an engineer and designer by training and profession. He used to work in marine engineering for companies like ST Marine, specializing in Submarine and Rolls Royce, specializing Marine propulsion systems. Later, he was based in China, designing furniture such as coffee tables and sofa for international markets.

When he came back to Singapore from China, he was trying to decide what to do next. Then he had an epiphany after prayers and reading a book by Pastor Rick Warren titled "The Purpose Driven Life".  He learned that he wanted to make a difference with his work while making a living.

It became clear to him that his calling was to help the elderly. He could see that many elderly needed help walking but refused to use a walking stick as it was typically functional but ugly. A turning point for him was when he went shopping and compared a rehab shop in the hospital to an infant care shop in the shopping mall. It became interesting that there are more design thinking into making baby products both functional and attractive than for the elderly.

He knew then that the best way to help the elderly was by harnessing his engineering and design experience to create innovative, safe, yet attractive products for them. From this, Agegracefully was born. Obedient to his calling remains to be his daily pursuit of a purposed driven life.

Design Thinking

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