How To Age Gracefully

Aging doesn't have to be something to dread or fear.  Although our bodies ad minds do change over time, you can age with grace and have some fun while you're at it.  Here are a few tips to stay forever youg and to improve your health care.

Live Well

This may go without saying, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one surefire way to age well.

This involves avoiding unhealthy habits such as excessive salt, sun exposure and watching television, any smoking and drinking too much.

This also involves embracing healthy habits such as regular exercise, keeping your blood pressure on target, getting enough rest every night, and maintaining a healthy weight and cholesterol levels.

Stress can age you prematurely, so try to keep stressors at bay through self-care practices such as exercise meditation and seeking support from a mental health counselor or psychologist.

Give Your Brain a Workout

Keep your mind agile with brain games such as crossword puzzles.  Even if you or a loved is in their 70s or 80x, taking up mentally-stimulating activities can slow and reverse the mental declines that typically come with aging.

It's not just puzzles that can keep a brain fit.  Believe it or not blogging can be helpful.  Sharing your life experience and the wisdom you've gained in a blog can help youwith both active and passive thinking.

Soak Up the Sun

Although increased skin exposure to the sun will increase your chances for skin cancer, you don't have to be out for long to get the vitamin D that your body naturally creates through the sun.

Vitamin D is good for strong and healthy bones, but it also helps your immune system, increases calcium absorption, regulates the growth of cells and protects from certain cancers, bone diseases and diabetes.

It can be easy to get your daily dose of vitamin D (400IUs) from a supplement or from fatty fish, fortified milk and eggs.  But it you can typically get a day's worth of vitamin D from spending just 20 mins day outside.

Notes:  the more melanin you have, the longer you will need to be outside-but even getting outside every day for some needed fresh air can do wonders for your health and mood.

Fill Up on Folate

Folic acid isn't just for pregnant women  Studies have shown that low levels of folate can increase your risk of diseases such as depression and dementia

You can get folate quite easy from your diet by adding beans, dried peas, citrus juices and fruits and green leafy vegetables.

If you're not sure if you have low folic acid levels, some symptoms include forgetfulness, headaches, digestive issues and irritability

Stay Positive

You know how the saying goes "You're only as young as you feel".  If you're dreading aging then that's what you can easily focus on.  Studies have shown that what can better predict how healthily you age is your resiliency, your attitude and your stress response - more than disability or physical disease.  Even in the dark clouds of your challenges, you can find a silver lining.


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