Smart Small Quad Walking Stick (Essential Handle With Manual Alarm) #41

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This Smart Small Quad Walking Stick (Essential Handle with Manual Alarm) comes complete with an array of thoughtful standard safety features:


1. High power energy saving integrated LED Lights (20 Lux), enough to brighten up the walkway to improve visibility. When fully charged, it will last for more than 10 hours.


2. Safety Red Flashing Lights operates together with the built-in LED lights, increase safety and reduce vehicle accidents while crossing the road. When fully charged, it will last for more than 5 hours.

3. Alarm on demand, to attract quick attention of bypasses in time of emergency


4. 360-degree Pivoting Head allow a wide range of pivoting strike angle that enables natural walking style. It is constructed with an extra wide base to give extra support that allows it to stand by your side.


5, High Strength Aluminium Alloy Shaft (6061 Grade) It is excellent for corrosion resistant.


6. Certified to CE and RoHS compliance. The handle is tested to resist a vertical force of up to 1108 N (113kg).


7. It comes complete with USB charging cable.


Additional features:

  1. Quality locking collar and ball spring catch for extra reliability.
  2. Suitable for user who needs to exert body weight directly on to the stick.
  3. Suitable for all kind of stairs.
  4. 'Kick-Safe' Narrow dome design, prevent accidental kicking when changing hands.



1.  Height adjusts:  69cm - 92cm
2,  Standing tip base span:  115mm x 115mm
3.  Box dimensions:  68cm(length) x 15cm(width) x 13cm(height)
4.  Box weight:  1050g
5.  Product weight:  700g



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