CarbonBond with Essential Handle (Smart Umbrella, Manual Alarm)

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"Recently bought an umbrella walking stick for my grandfather, however the one that came was too short for him as he is a rather tall man. Within the day of escalation, Lee acted immediately by going down to my grandpa's place to exchange a longer one for him while conversing to my grandparents in Teochew! The product design is well thought out and we are happy with it, and to have a service orientated company with a product this good is a waste to be missed!"


8 Thoughtful Benefits/ Features:

1. It illuminates passageway with adjustable viewing angles. This improves visibility for the user who needs to go to the restroom from their bed.

2. It enables the user to be visible to other road users (car and scooters) which make walking in the evening safer.

Essential Handle
3. The alarm can be handy when the user need to attract attention in case of an emergency. 
Choice of Handle

 4. Extremely light and strong tubing reduces the weight through the use of Carbon-Fiber will enable better handling especially for the elderly who are frail.Carbon Fiber Material

5. The Anti-Slip design provides excellent traction on its contact to flat surfaces and a soft pivoting joint to encourage natural walking motions.

Anti-Slip Self Standing Tip
6. The walking stick that is seamlessly integrated into the umbrella can be detached and be used separately while user uses the umbrella at the same time.
OPening and Detaching Umbrella
7. The high density fabric is UV protected and repel ran effectively. The double spring canopy construction ease of handling and ensure it integrity to counter strong wind.
Strong Construction Un Material
8. It is designed to ensure that the user will not obstructed by the walking sticks when they tries to break-fall. Upon sudden excessive force applied to the wrist cord, it will automatically be detached and thus reduce the chance of having the walking sticks obstructing the user.
Detachable Wrist Cord

     Other Handle Options available for CarbonBond includes:

    CarbonBond MP3 Handle
    CarbonBond with Ergonomic Handle


    The Genesis:

    It is our calling to inject vibrancy to the life of the elderly through developing an ecstatically pleasing and functional product for the elderly. Our collections of Smart Walking Sticks had gain traction in the market place through our continuous product refinement upon gathering numerous feed-back and suggestions from the clients and health care professionals.

    CarbonBond is an improvement from Bond; an award-winning umbrella walking stick. 

    Bond cleverly disguises itself as an umbrella to tackle a common resistance amongst the elderly who are stigmatised when using a walking stick. Its innovation went beyond promoting mobility, it also multi-tasks as a device to improve mental and emotional capacities.

    The name, Bond, was deliberately chosen as it aspires to create bonding among the elderly with their friends and family. Elderly can play their favourite exercise tunes when they meet with their fellow buddies in the park. Nursery rhymes can also be downloaded to promote interaction with their grandchildren. With its seamless integration of a multi-feature system encased in a tasteful design, the walking stick is reminiscent of James Bond and his spy gadgetry.


    CarbonBond When Open

    Box Contains:

    CarbonBond (Smart Umbrella)
    Detachable Wrist Cord
    Charging Cable (for MP3 and Essential Handle)
    SD Card for MP3 Handle Only
    User Guide

    Box Design

    1. Height: 84cm
    2. Self-Standing Tip Size: 8cm x 8cm, ID:14mm
    3. Umbrella Size: 102cm (for2 people)
    4. Box Size: 84.5cm x 16cm x 8cm
    5. Product Weight: 620g


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